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Who is the Inventor of Adulting?

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Hey there, have you ever wondered who came up with the idea of “adulting”? That term we use to describe the practice of behaving in a responsible, mature way that is expected of us as young adults? It’s become increasingly popular in recent years, but who can we thank for coining the term? Let’s dive into the history of “adulting” and the person who is attributed with its invention.

Teaching Adulting in Schools

Why Should Adulting Be Taught in Schools?

It’s not uncommon for young adults to struggle with the transition of becoming independent adults. Being able to take care of oneself financially, physically, and mentally is an essential life skill, but many people struggle with it. Adulting skills, such as budgeting, cooking, laundry, and time management, often must be learned on the fly, without the guidance of others. For this reason, many educators and experts believe that adulting skills should be taught in schools.

Adulting classes in schools can make life easier for students. It can help them learn how to handle life and become more independent while they are still in a safe environment. Students can learn how to avoid unfortunate events such as debt and other financial, physical, and emotional stressors that come with adult life. Society will also benefit from having more ready and responsible young adults in their communities.

What Adulting Skills Should Be Taught in Schools?

The list of adulting skills to be taught in schools is not comprehensive, but it is still extensive. For starters, personal finance management is an important tool that should be taught to all students. They should learn how to create and stick to a budget, save for future expenses, and plan for retirement. In addition to financial literacy, time management, and decision-making must also be taught. This can include proper scheduling practices, setting and achieving goals, and other crucial work habits.

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Another important skill set to be taught is household management. Students should learn how to clean and organize living spaces effectively. They should also learn how to perform home repairs and cook simple meals. Basic automobile maintenance and gardening are also important skills for a well-rounded skill set of an independent adult.

How Can Schools Incorporate Adulting Skills into the Curriculum?

Making a curriculum for adulting in schools is a challenging task. However, schools can bring these skills into their curriculum by providing real-life situations. This can include budget-making activities and simulations on how to make wise decisions in tough situations. Schools can also bring in guest speakers from different fields to discuss the importance of budgeting and efficient time management, so students can see the significance of these skills in everyday life.

Additionally, schools can collaborate with community-based organizations to provide real-world adulting experiences for the students. Schools can organize field trips to banks, grocery stores, and other vital establishments so students can see how these institutions operate and learn from them.

Finally, schools can set up adulting classes where students can learn from experienced and knowledgeable teachers who can provide valuable insights, skills, and techniques for preparing for the future.

In sum, adults face an incredible change and responsibility when they leave the security of their parents’ home to live independently. The young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and it’s essential that they learn how to be responsible, productive, and independent as early as possible. A solid foundation of adulting skills will enable young adults to attain the necessary self-confidence and self-awareness to take on different challenges in life.

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