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Rock Out with Roku: The Best Music Apps for Your Streaming Device

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Hello and welcome to our article on music apps available on Roku! Roku is a popular streaming device that lets you access a wide range of content, including music channels and apps. With its user-friendly interface and high-quality streaming capabilities, Roku has become a go-to option for music lovers who want to enjoy their favorite tunes from the comfort of their own home.

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Whether you want to listen to your favorite playlist, discover new artists, or simply relax to some background music, there are plenty of music apps available on Roku to suit your preferences. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular music apps on Roku, their features, and how you can access them. So, sit back, grab your Roku remote, and get ready to rock and roll!

Introduction to Music Apps on Roku

Roku streaming players and Roku TVs are one of the most affordable ways to stream music and TV shows. The device has hundreds of channels that offer music, and you can easily download and install music apps on Roku and listen to a variety of genres, such as rock, classical, jazz, hip hop, and more. Roku has become the go-to device for many music lovers to stream high-quality music and access their favorite tunes with ease.

There are a variety of music apps available on Roku and each offers unique features that cater to specific tastes and preferences. With apps like Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and SiriusXM, users have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a curated playlist or the latest hits, Roku is the perfect device to get started.

Since Roku’s music apps were introduced, many users have shifted from traditional music listening methods and have found Roku to be a more convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy music. You do not have to own a collection of CDs, purchase digital music tracks, or subscribe to expensive music services to listen to the latest music hits. With music apps on Roku, all you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

In this article, we’ll explore the different music apps on Roku that offer the best listening experience. Whether you’re looking for radio stations or music from your favorite artists, there’s an app for everyone. We’ll break down some of the most popular music apps available on Roku and highlight some of their unique features.

With the rise of music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, it’s no surprise that music apps have become one of the most popular channels on Roku devices. Roku has made it easy for users to access free and paid music streaming services in one central place. You can also customize your experience by creating personalized playlists and radio stations.

Overall, music apps on Roku, are a game-changer in the way music is being consumed. The device has revolutionized the way people listen to and discover music. From the variety of channels to the intuitive search function, music apps on Roku ensure that all your music needs are met in one convenient location.

If you’re new to music apps on Roku, you’ll be amazed at the features available and how easy it is to use. You can access your favorite songs, artists, genres, and playlists in seconds. Whether you’re looking to discover some new tunes or want to create a custom playlist, Roku has you covered. Overall, the platform offers a fantastic user experience and is one of the best ways to stream music today.

Top Music Apps for Roku

Musical enthusiasts looking for seamless access to various music streaming services need not go beyond their Roku device. Notably, Roku boasts an impressive array of music apps, each offering an excellent user experience, with curated playlists and unique features suited to different audiences. Here are some of the top music apps available on Roku:

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1. Spotify

Spotify remains one of the most popular and prevalent music streaming services across a wide range of platforms worldwide, and Roku is no exception. Catering to an extensive library of over 70 million songs and counting, Spotify also offers access to unique features like AI-generated recommendations, curated playlists, and podcasts. With Spotify for Roku, users can stream music with a premium account or a free account with ad breaks.

2. Tidal

Although Tidal may not have as broad a music library as some of its rivals, it makes up for this with its unique sound quality and high-fidelity music streaming. Tidal is one of the few music streaming services that provide lossless audio quality, making it ideal for individuals with high-end sound systems. With Tidal for Roku, users can access over 70 million songs, with exclusive content from top artists and access to fascinating podcasts.

In addition to its well-known library options, Tidal offers various video and concert streaming services, thus providing an all-encompassing music experience.

3. Apple Music

As the name suggests, Apple Music is the proprietary music streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Boasting a highly intuitive and sleek interface, Apple Music offers an extensive music library of over 75 million songs, live radio stations, and curated playlists. Furthermore, Apple Music integrates seamlessly with other Apple devices, making it an excellent choice for Apple users, accompanied by an extensive selection of podcasts and video content.

One of the robust features of Apple Music is its focus on blending human curation with technological algorithms to help users discover new or lesser-known music genres more easily. Apple Music is available on Roku devices, which presents a convenient way for Apple fans to stream their preferred music from their televisions.

4. Pandora

Pandora internet radio is one of the classic music streaming apps available to Roku users. With its longstanding existence, Pandora has a vast library of about 30 million songs and unique features that make it an excellent app for personalized music streaming. Pandora’s Music Genome Project uses a unique algorithm that curates music according to user preferences to create a personalized music experience.

In addition to its customized playlist features, Pandora allows users to access their favorite radio stations while focusing on clear and crisp sound quality. Although Pandora is available across various platforms, Roku presents an excellent means for users to access their music from their televisions.

5. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a fascinating streaming service that combines traditional and innovative streaming options for its widespread audience. With iHeartRadio, users can access live radio stations from different locations worldwide, unique playlists, and podcasts. Additionally, users can enjoy an ad-supported free account or a premium account with greater features.

One of the most impressive features of iHeartRadio is its expansive list of live events. iHeartRadio has events lined up in various cities across the globe, with multiple artists, including established and upcoming artists. With Roku, users can access events from their televisions, further increasing the convenience and flexibility of the streaming service.

In conclusion, Roku offers an impressive selection of music apps, providing an immersive, diverse and personalized experience in accessing your chosen music streaming service. Music lovers can now enjoy, not only well-known streaming apps like Spotify, but also lesser-known yet high-quality streaming services like Tidal and iHeartRadio.

How to Use Music Apps on Roku

Music is such an integral part of our lives that it’s only fitting we have music available to us via our devices. Roku is one such device which enables music lovers to tune in to their favorite music channels and stations. Roku offers a striking array of music channels through which you can customize your music listening options. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to use music apps on Roku for maximum effect.

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1. Setting up Roku Music apps

Roku has an extensive library of music channels, which you can use to create a listening experience tailored to your taste. The process of setting up Roku music apps is simple: From the Roku home screen, choose the Streaming Channels option and select the music genre. Here, you’ll find all the music apps available on Roku. Select the app you want to install, and once the installation is complete, it will show up on your home screen.

The Roku music channels are categorized by genre, so you can search for the music app you like based on your preferred style of music. For instance, if you’re into rock, just choose the rock genre to get your fix. You can install as many music apps as you would like, and they are updated regularly to keep them fresh.

2. Finding Music on Roku Music Apps

Once you’ve set up a music channel on Roku, you’ll have to find your preferred music genres or playlists and playlists within those genres. Most music channels have a search function that lets you search for specific songs or artists. Alternatively, you can ‘shuffle’ music to play all of the songs within a particular genre, saving the hassle of selecting each song individually.

The channels with which you subscribe on Roku will provide different levels of interactivity. For example, Pandora lets you skip over songs that don’t appeal to you, while some other stations or channels require a monthly or yearly subscription to access premium features such as commercial-free listening or live events. Take your time and explore the various music channels available on Roku to discover channels with the features you desire.

3. Controlling Music On Roku

Roku controls are simple to use. The Roku remote presents all the controls required to manage your playback. The remote usually has play, pause, forward, rewind, stop, and skip buttons. Some remotes will also feature volume buttons. These buttons are instrumental when you’re streaming music from your Roku device.

Thanks to advancements in smart home technology, you can now control your music on Roku remotely using your smartphone or any multitude of devices using voice command. For example, you can control music on Roku using Alexa voice commands with the Amazon Alexa app. Similarly, you can use Google Assistant to control music on Roku using voice commands. These remote control systems are applicable even when you’re not in the same room or have the remote control in hand.

4. Creating and Managing Playlists on Roku

Roku also lets you create and manage music playlists to suit your preferences. Creating playlists allows you to choose your favorite tracks and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. The process of creating a playlist on Roku is straightforward. Simply start playing a song, and then click on the “Add to Playlist” button displayed on the screen. Follow the prompt to add the song to your playlist, and voila! You have your first song on your playlist. The process of adding subsequent songs to a playlist repeats itself.

Once you’ve created a playlist, you can manage it by adding or deleting songs as you need. Managing playlists allows you to tailor your listening experience to your current needs. You can also share the playlist with your friends and family, making it a fantastic way of introducing them to your favorite music.


Roku is an incredible device that significantly enhances your music listening experience. With the above guidelines, you can now use Roku music apps like pros. Set up as many music channels as you need, create a music playlist, and control playback with ease. The only limit is your desire to explore the unlimited possibilities on Roku. Happy listening!

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Pros and Cons of Streaming Music on Roku

Streaming music on Roku can be a convenient and cost-effective way to listen to your favorite tunes. With a wide variety of music apps available on the platform, there is something for everyone. However, like any technology, there are pros and cons to consider before diving in. In this article, we will explore both the advantages and disadvantages of streaming music on Roku.


1. Convenience

Streaming music on Roku is incredibly convenient. With just a few clicks of a button on your remote, you can access thousands of songs and albums at any time. Additionally, many music apps on Roku offer personalized recommendations and curated playlists, making it easier than ever to discover new music.

2. Cost-effective

Streaming music on Roku is also cost-effective. Many music apps on the platform offer free options, while others require a monthly subscription fee. However, even the paid options are often more affordable than traditional music services like buying CDs or downloading individual songs.

3. High-quality audio

Roku devices are known for their high-quality audio output, making them an excellent choice for music lovers. Many music apps on the platform also offer high-quality audio options, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes in crystal-clear sound.

4. Large selection of music apps

Roku offers a wide variety of music apps, making it easy to find the perfect app for your needs. Whether you prefer classic rock, hip-hop, or classical music, there is an app for you. Additionally, many apps on the platform offer unique features, like live performances or exclusive content, that you may not find elsewhere.


1. Internet connectivity issues

Like any streaming service, music apps on Roku require a stable internet connection. If your connection is slow or interrupted, you may experience lag or buffering, which can be frustrating. Additionally, if you have a data cap on your internet plan, streaming music on Roku can quickly add up and lead to extra charges.

2. Limited sound quality options

While many music apps on Roku offer high-quality audio options, not all of them do. If sound quality is important to you, you may be limited in your choices and may need to pay for a higher-tier subscription to access better audio quality.

3. Limited app features

While Roku offers a wide variety of music apps, not all of them have the same features. Some may lack personalized recommendations, while others may not offer the same curated playlists as other apps. Additionally, some apps may have limited search functionality or a clunky user interface, making it harder to find the music you want to listen to.

4. Limited device compatibility

While Roku devices are widely available and often affordable, they may not be compatible with all of your music devices. For example, if you have a high-end speaker system that requires specific connections, you may need to purchase additional equipment to use it with your Roku device. Additionally, if you prefer a different streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music, you may not be able to access it on Roku.

In conclusion, streaming music on Roku can be a great way to listen to your favorite tunes, with convenience, cost-effectiveness, high-quality audio, and a large selection of music apps being some of the main advantages. However, it’s essential to consider the potential cons, such as internet connectivity issues, limited sound quality and app features, and limited device compatibility. By weighing both the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about whether streaming music on Roku is the right choice for you.