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Canvas vs Photo Printing: Which is the Better Choice for Your Prints?

Canvas vs Photo Prints: What’s the Difference?

canvas vs photo prints

Choosing the right medium to display your cherished memories can be a tough decision. With so many options available, it’s important to understand the differences between canvas and photo prints. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you make an informed decision.

Canvas Prints:

Canvas prints are a popular choice for those looking for a high-quality, customizable option to showcase their favorite photos. Canvas prints are made by printing your photo directly onto canvas material, which is then stretched and mounted onto a wooden frame.

canvas prints

One of the most significant benefits of canvas prints is their durability. The canvas material used is resistant to scratches, fading, and warping, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting wall decor. Canvas prints also have a unique texture that gives them a three-dimensional look, adding depth and character to your photos.

Another advantage of canvas prints is their ability to add a touch of elegance to any room. The texture and appearance of canvas prints provide a sophisticated feel to your space, making them an ideal choice for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. They can also make a perfect gift for loved ones on special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

The customizable aspect of canvas prints is another reason many people prefer them over traditional photo prints. You can choose the size, shape, and layout of your canvas print, making it a unique piece that perfectly fits your style and decor. You can even edit your photos to add filters or enhance them before printing to ensure you get the perfect look.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider when choosing canvas prints. One disadvantage is their price. Canvas prints tend to be more expensive than traditional photo prints due to the additional materials required to produce them. It’s essential to assess your budget before making a decision.

The other consideration is the size of your photo. While canvas prints can be customized to fit your preferred size and shape, smaller photos may not look as good when printed on canvas. This is because the texture and three-dimensional appearance can sometimes make smaller details blurry or distorted.

In conclusion, canvas prints are a durable, elegant, and customizable option for showcasing your favorite photos. They are a perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality, long-lasting option to decorate their home or office.

Is Canvas Better than Photo Prints?

Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have become very popular in recent years because of their durability and the unique texture they add to photos that you can’t get with regular photo prints. However, canvas prints also have some drawbacks. Below are the pros and cons of canvas prints.


  • Durability: Canvas prints are more durable than regular photo prints. They can last for decades without fading or losing their color. The canvas material is strong, and it doesn’t tear easily, so you can be sure that your canvas print will last a long time.
  • Texture: The texture of canvas prints is unique and adds depth to the photo. When you look at a canvas print, you can see the brushstrokes and the texture of the canvas, which gives it a more artistic feel. This texture is perfect for some photos that need a little extra dimension, like portraits or landscapes.
  • No Glass Needed: Canvas prints don’t need a glass frame like regular photo prints do. The canvas material is sturdy enough to stand on its own, which means you can display your canvas print without the glare of glass in the way.
  • Customization: When it comes to canvas prints, you have a lot of customization options. You can choose the size, the frame, the stretching, and even the finish (matte or glossy). This makes canvas prints very versatile and customizable.
  • Easy Hanging: Canvas prints are easy to hang, especially if they come with hanging wire attached to the back. This means you don’t have to worry about finding the right frame or figuring out how to hang it without damaging the wall.
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  • Price: Canvas prints are usually more expensive than regular photo prints. The canvas material and the customization options add to the cost, so if you’re on a tight budget, canvas prints may not be the best option.
  • Not as Sharp: When you print a photo on canvas, it may not look as sharp as it would on photo paper. This is because the canvas texture can absorb some of the ink, which can make the image look slightly blurry.
  • Size Limitations: Depending on the size of the canvas print, the photo may need to be a certain resolution or quality to look good. This means that there may be limitations on how big you can print a photo on canvas. If the photo is not high enough resolution, it may look pixelated or blurry.
  • Not Waterproof: Canvas prints are not waterproof, so if they get wet, the ink can smudge or run. This means you need to be careful when cleaning them or displaying them in a humid environment.
  • Needs Protection: Without the protection of glass, canvas prints can be more susceptible to damage from dust, scratches, and fading. This means you need to be careful when handling and displaying them to avoid any damage.

Overall, canvas prints can add a unique texture and durability to your photos, but they may not be the best fit for every situation. Consider the pros and cons when deciding between canvas prints and regular photo prints, and choose the option that works best for you and your photos.

The Benefits of Printing on Canvas

canvas printing benefits

If you are trying to choose between canvas printing and photo printing, you might want to consider the benefits of printing on canvas. Here are three reasons why canvas printing is often a better choice:

Better Textures and Finishes

canvas textures and finishes

When you print a photo on canvas, you get a more unique and interesting texture than you would if you printed on traditional photo paper. Canvas printing gives photos a more natural look and can even provide more depth and dimension to the image.

Additionally, canvas prints often have a more painterly feel to them, which can add an extra layer of beauty to the photo. In terms of finishes, canvas prints can often be coated with a UV-protective varnish that helps to keep them looking their best for many years.

Bigger Sizes Available

canvas printing sizes

Another benefit of printing on canvas is the fact that larger sizes are available with canvas than with traditional photo prints. Canvas prints can be printed in sizes up to 40×60 inches (and sometimes even larger), while traditional photo prints are generally limited to 16×20 inches.

This is especially important if you are looking to create a statement piece for your home or office. A large canvas print can be a great way to fill a big wall and make your space look more professional.

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No Need for Frames

canvas printing no need for frames

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of printing on canvas is that you usually don’t need to frame the finished piece. This is because many canvas prints are stretched onto a wooden frame, which means you can hang them directly on your wall without the need for an additional frame.

This not only saves you money but also makes it easier to hang your artwork. Additionally, since the artwork is stretched over a frame, you can see the entire image from any angle, rather than having part of it obscured by a mat or frame.

In Conclusion

canvas printing conclusion

Overall, canvas printing can be a great option for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful way to display their photographs. Whether you’re looking for a larger size or a more natural texture, canvas prints have numerous benefits that make them a popular choice.

When to Choose a Canvas Print Over a Photo Print

Canvas Prints Vs Photo Prints

If you are thinking about printing a photo to hang on your wall or put on display, you may be wondering whether to choose a traditional photo print or a canvas print. Both options have their own unique qualities, but there are certain situations where a canvas print may be the better choice.

1. Large Display Area

Large Display Canvas Print

One of the best situations to choose a canvas print over a photo print is when you have a large display area to work with. Canvas prints are often much larger than traditional photo prints and can create a bold, eye-catching display that draws attention to the image.

Canvas prints can be hung on large, empty walls or above large pieces of furniture such as a sofa or mantlepiece. They are perfect for creating a statement piece within a room and can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home.

2. Artistic Style

Artistic Canvas Print

If you are looking to display a photograph as a piece of artwork, a canvas print may be a better choice than a traditional photo print. Canvas prints tend to have a more artistic feel to them and can give photos a painterly quality.

Canvas prints can also be printed in a variety of styles and finishes including black and white, sepia or even with a pop of color. They can make a bold artistic statement and can be a great way to showcase your style and personality in your home.

3. Durability

Canvas Print Durability

If you want your photo to last a long time and be able to withstand frequent handling, a canvas print may be a better choice than a traditional photo print. Canvas prints are made from strong, durable materials and are designed to stand up to wear and tear.

Canvas prints also tend to be more resistant to scratches, tears, and other types of damage than traditional photo prints. They can be a great choice if you have children or pets in your home and want to ensure your photo stays looking great for years to come.

4. Texture

Textural Canvas Print

If you want to add an extra element of depth and texture to your photo, a canvas print may be the perfect option for you. Canvas prints have a slightly textured surface that gives photos additional dimension and can make them look more interesting and unique.

This texture can make photos appear more lifelike and can give them a more tactile feel. It can also be a great way to add visual interest to your home decor and make your photos stand out from the crowd.

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Overall, choosing between a canvas print and a photo print comes down to personal preference and the desired effect you want to achieve. However, for large displays, an artistic finish, durability, and textural qualities, a canvas print may be the way to go.

How to Select the Best Printing Medium for Your Artwork

Canvas vs Photo Printing Medium

When it comes to printing your artwork, choosing the right printing medium is crucial. The printing medium can affect the overall look, feel, and durability of your artwork. By selecting the best printing medium, you can bring your artwork to life and make it stand out. In this article, we’ll compare canvas and photo printing medium and help you understand which one is better for your artwork.

1. Canvas Printing Medium

Canvas Printing Medium

Canvas printing medium is a popular choice among artists, photographers, and art enthusiasts. The canvas is made of high-quality, durable material, and creates a beautiful texture that enhances the depth of your artwork. Canvas prints can last for a very long time if maintained properly. They are scratch-resistant and water-resistant, which makes them perfect for displaying in homes and offices. One of the biggest benefits of canvas printing medium is that it gives your artwork a timeless, classic look – perfect for portraits, landscapes, and other traditional themes.

2. Photo Printing Medium

Photo Printing Medium

Photo printing medium is also a popular choice for printing artwork. This printing medium is perfect for detailed artworks that require a smooth, glossy finish. This medium is perfect for modern, contemporary themes, and provides excellent depth and color saturation. Photo prints are best suited for photographs, illustrations, and graphics. They’re perfect for creating wall art or framing for display, and are often a more affordable option than canvas printing. Photo prints are a great option for artists looking to print a large volume of artwork.

3. Consider the Style of Your Artwork

Printing Medium of Artwork

The first and most important consideration when choosing between canvas and photo printing medium is the style of your artwork. Consider the theme, color scheme, and subject matter of your artwork. Canvas prints are ideal for traditional or classic themes, such as landscapes, portraits, and still life. On the other hand, photo prints are perfect for modern or contemporary artwork, such as illustrations, graphics, and abstract paintings.

4. Consider the Location of Your Artwork

Canvas vs Photo Printing Medium Location of Artwork

Another factor to consider when selecting the printing medium for your artwork is the location where it will be displayed. If you’re planning on displaying your artwork in a well-lit room, a photo print may be a better option since it reflects light in a unique way that enhances the colors in your artwork. However, if you’re planning on displaying your artwork in a dimly lit room, such as a basement or bedroom, a canvas print may be a better choice since its texture creates a warm, cozy ambiance.

5. Cost Comparison

Canvas vs Photo Printing Medium Cost Comparison

When it comes to cost, there is a noticeable difference between canvas and photo printing medium. Canvas printing is typically more expensive than photo printing, so if you’re working on a budget, then a photo print may be the better option. While canvas prints are more expensive upfront, they’re often a better long-term investment since they’re more durable and can last for a very long time.

Ultimately, when selecting the best printing medium for your artwork, consider the style, location, and cost. Canvas prints are ideal for traditional, classic themes and warm environments, whereas photo prints are perfect for modern, contemporary themes and well-lit locations.