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HP 8035e Printer Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

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Are you tired of dealing with subpar printers that constantly jam and produce poor-quality prints? If so, the HP 8035e printer might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. This all-in-one printer is packed with features that make printing, scanning, and copying a breeze. Best of all, it boasts incredible speed and precision, ensuring that all of your documents come out looking pristine.

When you invest in an HP 8035e printer, you’re investing in more than just a piece of technology. You’re investing in a tool that will streamline your workflow, save you time and money, and enable you to create high-quality prints with ease. Thanks to its sleek design and intuitive interface, this printer is the perfect addition to any workspace, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability every step of the way.

HP 8035e printer
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Overview of HP 8035e Printer

The HP 8035e Printer is a premium all-in-one printer designed for home and small office use. It offers a range of advanced features that make it a perfect choice for those who demand high-quality printing at a reasonable price. With the HP Smart app, you can print, scan, and copy right from your smartphone or tablet. Plus, with automatic two-sided printing, the HP 8035e Printer saves you time and money, making it the perfect addition to your home or office.

Print Quality and Speed

The HP 8035e Printer offers stunning print quality with its 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution. Whether you’re printing documents or photos, this printer delivers sharp and vibrant prints that truly stand out. It also offers fast print speeds of up to 18 pages per minute for black and white prints and up to 10 pages per minute for color prints. This makes it one of the fastest printers on the market in its price range.

Advanced Features

  • The HP 8035e Printer comes with a variety of advanced features that make it easy to use. With the HP Smart app, you can easily set up your printer and print from your smartphone or tablet. You can also scan, copy, and share documents with just a few taps on your device.
  • The HP 8035e Printer also features automatic two-sided printing, which saves you time and money by printing on both sides of the paper. This feature also helps reduce paper waste, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • The HP 8035e Printer also comes with a built-in USB port, allowing you to print directly from a USB drive without the need for a computer. This makes it ideal for printing files or photos from your camera or smartphone.

Paper Handling and Capacity

The HP 8035e Printer offers flexible paper handling with its 225-sheet input tray. This allows you to print on a variety of paper sizes and types, making it ideal for printing everything from documents to photos. It also offers a separate 35-sheet automatic document feeder for copying and scanning multipage documents. This feature saves you time and effort, as you don’t need to manually scan each page.

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Connectivity Options

The HP 8035e Printer offers a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. This allows you to easily connect your printer to your home or office network or print directly from your smartphone or tablet. It also supports Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, making it easy to print from your favorite apps and services.

Ink Options

The HP 8035e Printer uses HP 910 ink cartridges, which are high-yield and affordable. The cartridges are also easy to replace, and you can choose between standard and XL cartridges depending on your printing needs. With high-yield cartridges, you can print up to 825 pages of black and white documents or up to 625 pages of color documents.


The HP 8035e Printer is a great all-in-one printer that offers high-quality printing, fast speeds, and a range of advanced features. With its easy-to-use interface, automatic two-sided printing, and flexible connectivity options, it’s an ideal choice for home and small office use. Plus, with its affordable ink cartridges and high-yield options, you can save money while still enjoying stunning prints.

If you’re looking for a high-quality compact printer scanner combo, the HP 8035e Printer is a great option. Its small size doesn’t sacrifice on quality, making it perfect for home offices or small businesses.

Key Features of the HP 8035e Printer

The HP 8035e printer is the perfect choice for modern-day workplaces that demand high-quality printing for a variety of tasks. Here are some of the most important features that make this printer stand out from the rest:

Efficient Printing Capability with HP Smart App

The HP Smart app makes printing more efficient and convenient than ever before. With quick Wi-Fi setup, it enables easy printing from your mobile device or laptop. The app also allows you to manage printing tasks from anywhere, at any time. It even comes in handy for scanning and sharing documents on the move. The app’s integrated chatbot makes troubleshooting easy, so you won’t have to struggle with technical issues.

Superior Color Quality with HP 8035e Cartridges

The HP 8035e ink cartridges provide superior color quality for all your printing needs. The cartridges are available in two sizes, standard and high-yield, and are designed to deliver crisp and vibrant colors. Plus, with the HP Instant Ink subscription service, you’ll never run out of ink again. The service monitors your ink levels and automatically sends new cartridges when you’re running low. This ensures that you always have enough ink for your printing needs.

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Automatic Two-Sided Printing Saves Time and Money

The HP 8035e printer comes with an automatic two-sided printing feature that helps save paper and money. This feature is easy to use and can be set up with one click. It also improves productivity since you won’t have to spend time flipping pages to print on both sides. The automatic two-sided printing feature helps reduce your printing costs and is environmentally friendly.

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

The HP 8035e printer is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. This makes it super easy to print a document or photo without having to lift a finger. All you need to do is ask Alexa or Google Assistant to print from your smartphone or tablet. This feature makes printing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Easy to Set Up and Use

The HP 8035e printer is easy to set up and comes with a user-friendly interface. With the HP Smart app, you can easily manage and troubleshoot the printer. Its intuitive and easy-to-use features make it a great option for first-time printer users. The printer also has a sleek and stylish design that looks great in any workspace.


The HP 8035e printer is a dependable and practical choice for small offices and businesses. Its many features, including easy connectivity, mobile printing, and automatic two-sided printing, make it a versatile and efficient option for all your printing needs. With this printer, you can print high-quality documents and photos effortlessly. Overall, the HP 8035e printer is an excellent choice for professionals who want to simplify their printing experience without sacrificing quality.

The true all-in-one color laser printer with AirPrint is a great choice for those who need to print high-quality documents and photos. With its AirPrint feature, you can easily print from your smartphone or tablet.

Benefits of Using the HP 8035e Printer

The HP 8035e Printer is an excellent option for those who need a reliable and efficient printing solution that won’t break the bank. Here are some of the benefits of using this printer:

Fast and High-Quality Printing

The HP 8035e Printer boasts a speedy printing rate that lets you finish your printing tasks quickly and efficiently. This printer can print up to 18 pages per minute in black and white and 10 pages per minute in color, making it perfect for busy offices or households. Also, its high-quality prints ensure that every document you produce is sharp, clear, and professional-looking.

Moreover, this printer comes equipped with HP’s Smart Tasks feature for automating repetitive tasks, making it faster and more efficient for you to complete your printing jobs. So no more wasted time on manual tasks when this printer can handle them for you.

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Convenient Features

The HP 8035e Printer is packed with a plethora of convenient features that make it user-friendly and practical. One of the features to mention is the large color touchscreen display, which makes it easy to navigate through menus, settings, and more. With this touchscreen, you can effortlessly access your printer’s options and get things done in just a few taps, no matter your level of computer expertise.

This printer is also compatible with various mobile printing options such as Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and HP Smart App. These options allow you to print from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, which is extra convenient if you’re working remotely or need to print something quickly while on the go.


The HP 8035e Printer is not only a time-saver but also a budget-friendly option for those looking to save on printing costs. For one, this printer comes with HP’s Instant Ink subscription, which automatically delivers ink cartridges to your doorstep whenever you’re running low on ink. This saves you from having to remember to buy new ink cartridges constantly, and it ensures that you always have ink on hand when you need it.

Additionally, this printer is Energy Star Certified, meaning it uses energy-efficient technology, which can translate to lower electricity bills for you in the long run. It also comes with the option to automatically turn off when not in use, helping to save even more energy.

User-Friendly Design

The HP 8035e Printer has a clean and modern design that would fit perfectly in any office or home setting. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around and fit into tight spaces. The input tray can hold up to 225 sheets of paper, and there is an output tray that automatically extends, so you always have a place to catch your printed documents.

Another noteworthy feature is that this printer has a USB port for printing from USB drives. You can print photos and documents stored on your USB drive without the need for a computer, which is helpful and convenient if you’re in a rush.


The HP 8035e Printer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly printing solution. With fast printing rates, convenient features, and a budget-friendly design, this printer is a great investment that will make your printing tasks easier and more hassle-free.

If you’re in need of a 3D printer for parts, the HP 8035e Printer is a top pick. Its precision and accuracy make it perfect for creating complex and detailed parts for all kinds of projects.

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