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The Top Printers for T-Shirt Printing Businesses

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Starting a t-shirt business is a thrilling journey, and a vital aspect of succeeding is to have the right printer. You want to create designs that jump out of the t-shirt, and that can only be accomplished by using the best printer specifically designed for t-shirt printing. But with so many printer choices in the market, how do you know what printer is the best to create intriguing and beautiful t-shirts? Let’s dive in and explore the possible options.

Today’s printers are much more than just black and white or colored ink sprayers; many printers offer direct-to-garment printing that applies ink to a shirt to create intricate designs accurately and at high speed. Most printers also come with sophisticated software that allows users to tweak designs and fine-tune all aspects of the printing process. Plus, you don’t want a printer that is difficult to operate, weighty, or noisy. That’s why we’ve researched printers that are perfect for t-shirt printing, easy to use, and deliver the quality designs needed.

Best Printer for T-Shirt Business
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Top Printers for Tshirt Business

When it comes to printing t-shirts, not all printers are created equal. Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right printer, including print quality, speed, durability, and cost. The best printers for t-shirt businesses are those that can handle high-volume printing without compromising on quality. In this section, we will highlight some of the top printers for t-shirt businesses, including the specific models and brands that are most suitable.

Epson SureColor P800

The Epson SureColor P800 is one of the best printers for t-shirt businesses, as it offers incredibly high-quality prints, especially when it comes to color accuracy. This printer is capable of producing large-sized prints, up to 17 inches wide. It uses nine UltraChrome HD ink cartridges that provide rich and consistent colors. Additionally, the P800 has a roll paper adapter, which makes printing on t-shirt transfer paper a breeze. This printer also has a relatively fast printing speed, ensuring that you can complete large print jobs quickly. The P800 is certainly not the cheapest printer on the market, but its features and capabilities make it a worthwhile investment.

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Brother GTX Pro

The Brother GTX Pro is another popular printer for t-shirt businesses, offering high-quality prints that are both durable and vibrant. This printer can print up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, making it one of the best options when it comes to fine details and sharp images. The GTX Pro uses Brother’s exclusive Innobella Textile inks, which are designed specifically for use on fabrics. This ensures that the prints on your t-shirts will look crisp and vibrant even after multiple washings. The GTX Pro has a relatively fast printing speed, allowing you to complete high volume print jobs efficiently. This printer comes with advanced features, such as a built-in white ink management system, which makes it possible to print on dark-colored fabric, which can elevate your t-shirt printing game to the next level.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 is a high-quality printer that produces stunning prints with incredible accuracy and detail. This printer uses a 12-color Lucia Pro ink system, which makes it possible to produce vibrant and vivid colors. The PRO-1000 can handle up to 17-inch wide prints and has a relatively fast printing speed. This printer is designed for professional printing and can deliver gallery-quality prints, making it an excellent choice for t-shirt businesses that want to elevate their printing game.


Choosing the right printer for your t-shirt business is crucial, as it will determine the quality of your prints and the efficiency with which you can complete large print jobs. The Epson SureColor P800, Brother GTX Pro, and Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 are some of the best printers on the market when it comes to t-shirt printing. These printers offer high-quality prints, are durable, and can handle high volume print jobs efficiently. While they are not the cheapest printers on the market, investing in one of these printers will certainly pay off in the long run, as the quality of your prints will only improve, ensuring that your customers are happy and satisfied with their t-shirts.

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